New home approved on Point Beach Drive

The Planning and Zoning Board unanimously approved a new home to be located at 5 Point Beach Drive, voting at its July 16 meeting. The board postponed the vote on July 2 citing the fact that the board did not have copies of revised plans for the project.

David Carson managing principal at OCC Group Inc. of Cheshire, received coastal area site plan approval for the house that will be just under 35 feet in height. The owners are Paul and Cynthia Guastaferri, trustees.

In his plan review prior to the July 2 meeting, City Engineer Gregory Pidluski wrote that the plans should include concrete sidewalks and curbs, and recommended other updates and corrections to the plans to clarify information that was not clearly or correctly labeled.

On July 2, Carson told the board that the plans were revised in response to Pidluski’s comments with the exception of the requirement for sidewalks and curbs. However, he had not submitted copies of those revised plans to the board.

Although Carson had submitted revised plans to the board for the July 16 meeting, the board still attached the condition that he revise the plans to the satisfaction of the city engineer.

The 0.19-acre property is located in the R-7.5 zone. The project involves previous demolition of a 1,400 square foot house from 1929 and construction of the new house in the same location above the flood elevation in the AE zone. An underground stormwater detention system is intended to reduce runoff by 29%.

Wetlands Officer MaryRose Palumbo issued a jurisdictional ruling on June 10, allowing for home construction within 100 feet of Long Island Sound.

At the July 2 meeting, Carson said he believed this part of Point Beach Drive is private, owned by the Point Beach Improvement Association, and therefore would not have to meet the city’s sidewalk requirement.