New day care center approved in Devon

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) at its Jan. 17 meeting approved with conditions a proposal from Maria Torres to establish a day care center at 604 Naugatuck Ave. in a building at the corner of Cottage Street owned by Kingdom Life Christian Church.

The board had held open the public hearing from its Nov. 15, 2016 meeting due to unanswered questions regarding parking, and final approvals from the city’s fire and police departments.  

Thomas Probert, structural designer, told the board that Torres had a lease agreement to use parking at an adjacent parcel at 600 Naugatuck Ave., which is owned by Kingdom Life, and at the main Kingdom Life building at 597 Naugatuck Ave.

Torres said a sprinkler system was installed in the building, which meets a requirement from the fire department. She said she had a lease agreement on her phone for the parking lot, which she had not printed out.

Torres said parents would drop off their children in the parking lot behind the building, which has four parking spaces. She said a teacher would meet parents outside and bring in the children.

At a November 2016 hearing, Torres said the daycare would have 40 children, and said there would be a fenced playground in the back of the building protected from the parking lot by bollards. A sign by the building names the business as Mama ’n Cubs Playschool.

The board’s 7-1 vote granted a special permit and site plan approval to open the day care. The board imposed the conditions that Torres have “an acceptable lease” for the off-site parking spaces. This lease must include a clause stating that the spaces in the parking lot at 600 Naugatuck Ave., are not available for use by any tenant of the two-bay garage on that property during school hours.

Torres also needs to satisfy any conditions required by various city departments.