New city historian named to replace Richard Platt

Milford has named a new city historian to replace Richard Platt, who retired from the position.

Like Platt, the new city historian, Carol LaBrake, can trace her family roots to Milford’s founders, said Mayor Ben Blake this week, when the Board of Aldermen appointed LaBrake the new historian.

LaBrake is the daughter of the late Rutheva Brockett, who was the city’s first city historian.

Milford has only had two city historians: Rutheva Brockett and Platt, “and both of them could trace their families back to Milford’s founders,” Blake said.

LaBrake was appointed for five years. The job, which involves researching peoples’ questions about city history and serving as a resource to city officials and the press, doesn’t come with a salary.

Platt has said in the past that it’s a labor of love for the city and history.

The mayor said LaBrake has an impressive résumé and he’s sure she is qualified for the role.

“I have full faith that she will do a fantastic job,” Blake said.

Platt recommended her as well, saying she is very qualified to be city historian.