Principal: New Platt Tech will be ready for students by April

MILFORD — The new Platt Technical High School will be finished and ready for students come April, according to Principal David Telesca.

Construction of a new building for Platt Tech students, which began in 2020, remains in progress. Telesca said this work was under consideration for several years due to the condition of the current building.

“This is a new construction, built upon our fields,” Telesca said. “After the building is done, the old building will be torn down and fields will be constructed in its place.”

He added that the demolition of the old school will occur soon after the building opens in April.

“It will take the 2022-23 school year to complete,” said Telesca. “The fields will include our traditional sports of football, baseball, softball, soccer and track.”

The current Platt Tech High School was built in 1974 which makes the building old and not energy efficient, said Telesca. The new building will have numerous upgrades — including temperature regulation.

The new 237,000-square-foot high school is on a 35-acre site and has a cost of $92 million. Construction also includes a 15-bay garage to house maintenance equipment and the school’s blue buses, which transport students to job sites and its athletic teams to away games.

The architectural design of the new complex was done by Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc., of South Windsor. KBE Building Corp. of Farmington is the construction administrator.

Telesca said the design of the school was not to be larger, but rather, it was designed for a newer school. He added the new building will have the same number of trades as the current building but will be an upgrade in the overall facility and technology.

“Some of the programs we will be expanding is our sustainable architecture and mechanical design and engineering trades,” he said. “Many of our trades will have upgraded equipment.”

Site preparation for the construction project began in April 2020, which included clearing, silt fencing and rock removal. Concrete foundations began in May followed by underground plumbing and electrical installations. By November, the steel framing for the two-story academic wing and cafeteria were up, and the concrete walls for the gymnasium fitness facility were in place.

The plan for the administration is to have the new Platt Tech High School open in April 2022 to be ready for the 2022-23 school year.

“Among its other benefits to students being far more appropriate facility will enhance the student's engagement in pride and their school,” said Telesca.