Nerds to Go announces first retail store for quicker repair time

ORANGE - If you are like many people these days, you can't live without your computer. You constantly check your e-mail, make online purchases from, or the literal thousands of retailers doing business on the World Wide Web.

And you freak out when your computer is acting up or crashes on you.

Your life has stopped.

Do not fear area residents. Nerds to Go is now on the Boston Post Road in Liberty Square Plaza.

And they guarantee you they will fix what ails your lifeline to the rest of the world.

Open Jan. 2 franchise owner Jonathan Krenicki says his business is right on track with his business projections.

The franchise services Milford, West Haven and Orange and most computer problems can be dealt with in 24 hours or less unless the repair requires a specialty part that needs to be ordered. Nerds to Go stocks most computer parts though.

Krenicki said he has always enjoyed being around computers.

His education includes attending Platt Tech. school in Milford.

"I left in my senior year. I found the education dull. I immediately got a management position at Comp USA," the 25-year old said.

Krenicki has nearly a decade of computer experience.

He was a Comp USA service manager in various locations and was a private contractor for Nerds to Go prior to opening his franchise.

Krenicki said he started with Nerds to Go in Feb ruary 2006.

"I was very productive and set the expectations higher," he said.

"I worked really hard to get this franchise. I got shot down by banks," he said.

"And then I got an investor. I owe my life to that investor," he said.

Nerds to Go founder Dave Colella praised the young entrepreneur.

"Jon is a good young reliable business professional. He has a high work ethic, is honest and knowledgeable and presents the situation as it is," Colella said.

Colella is a former Orange resident who went to Mary L. Tracy School and the Amity school system.

His mother, Maureen Colella, still resides in Orange

He started Nerds to Go just five years ago. He said he began to franchise three years ago when he started getting offers to sell the business

Krenicki said the No. 1 computer problem he sees is related to viruses and spyware.

"The average job will take about four hours from start to finish," he said.

He said they will run extensive testing as many viruses are tricky so they will do multiple runs to make sure they don't come back.

The second most frequent problem is a failing hard drive he said.

"They usually fail from mechanical wear and tear," he said.

"The hard drive is the only component that has a rotational part," he explained.

Hard drives average about $100 and the problem can usually be rectified in two to three hours Krenicki said.

Right now he is running a $49 special on labor with no time limit for computers that are brought in for repair. Parts are an additional fee.

On-site service is $129 per hour. But a flat rate can be negotiated and will usually be around $149.

All work is guaranteed for 30 days.

"We go above and beyond with our work," Krenicki said.

Nerds to Go is open Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

By summer Krenicki hopes to be open seven days a week.