For nearly two decades Jeff and Mary Demetrion have worked very long hours just about every day of the year with the exceptions of Sundays and holidays. They own Racebrook Package Store at 302 Racebrook Road in Orange.

Before this they were in the restaurant business.

"We got sick of working for others. If I'm going to work six to seven days a week for 12 hours a day I want to do it for ourselves," Jeff said.

They began looking and after discarding other locations decided to become the third owners of the Racebrook Road location.

"This was the right location and the right price," Jeff said.

The Demetrions opened Nov. 6 1990 where Timothy's is now.

Over the years they built the business up by increasing their inventory and listening to the needs of their customers.

They moved next door to the larger space in 1995.

"I remember we moved in December a very busy time for us," Jeff said of the relocation.

The moved from 1,200 to 3,300 square feet

Even in the larger location they still have space problems.

"A lot of our selection is not out front; there isn't room for it," Jeff said.

"That's why we talk to every customer and find out what they are looking for. It may be in the back," Jeff said.

We are a neighborhood liquor store. We see the same customers every week," they said.

"We have seen families grow up. You can almost tell what time of the day it is when customers come in," Jeff said.

Racebrook Package store carries more than 50 single malt scotches, has an extensive selection of California wines, has a full line of cognac, carries at least 75 to 100 different types of vodka, has a large selection of handcrafted beer including Lambic beer which has a fruit base. They also carry nonalcoholic beer and wine.

When asked for a Valentine suggestion Jeff suggested Rose Sparkling or Proseeco or Chandon Bluga or how about a Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial sparkling.

And for the remaining cold months there is a good selection of Ports from tawny to Ruby, cognacs and liqueurs.

Racebrook Package Store will be closed Feb.17 to 28.