Napoli Kia gets OK to expand site

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) unanimously approved an expansion to Napoli Kia, 241 Boston Post Road at its Oct. 3 meeting.

Napoli received a special permit and site plan approval to expand its dealership to the 0.8-acre property at the rear located at 4-8 Clark St. Both properties are in the Corridor Design Development District 1 (CDD-1) and border Washington Field. The approval was based on the project meeting conditions stipulated by City Engineer Gregory Pidluski.

Raymond A. Macaluso, president and owner of the engineering firm of Westcott and Mapes, presented the application on behalf of Napoli Motors. Macaluso told the board that Napoli planned to use the additional property to create 83 paved parking spaces to store vehicle inventory.

“It will not be for display or for people to look at,” said Macaluso.

Macaluso said Napoli has a permit to demolish the 3,300 square foot house built in 1930 on the Clark Street property that was being used as an office building. He said there are no plans to erect any buildings.

The project will include increased stormwater drainage capacity as required by Pidluski. Macaluso said the project would include a buffer zone along the edge of the property that will be 10 feet or 15 feet wide, depending on the location. The property will have a six-foot high vinyl fence along the perimeter. There will be a sidewalk along Clark Street.

The project received two favorable comments from Milford business owners, including Lawrence J. Grillo, who said, “Napoli is first class.” No one spoke in opposition to the project.

Both properties are owned by L&L II LLC, which lists Leonard Napoli Jr. of 241 Boston Post Rd., Milford, as the owner. The LLC purchased the 0.8-acre property on Clark Street for $500,000 on Jan. 4, 2017.