Naked intruder released from hospital: Charges filed

Benjamin Prue, 25, the man charged with breaking into a Point Lookout home with no clothes on July 21, was arraigned at Yale New Haven Hospital Aug. 15 on a number of charges, including home invasion.
Milford Police Spokesman Jeff Nielsen said Prue is no longer under the custody of Milford police, who had been monitoring him at the hospital. He was released from the hospital, and is now being held at the Bridgeport Correctional Center on a $300,000 bond, according to the judicial marshal’s office.

Point Lookout home owner Gerald Mirto, 67, shot Prue as he was trying to steal a television from his home last month, Mirto told police.
Prue is a former standout swimmer from Trumbull. He most recently lived in Rolesville, N.C., and is formerly of West Haven and Trumbull.
According to news reports, Prue was an award-winning swimmer in Trumbull, and later at Virginia Tech and Southern Connecticut State University.
When he was arraigned at the hospital, Prue was charged with home invasion, assault on an elderly victim, burglary, criminal mischief, threatening and resisting arrest.
He is scheduled to appear in Milford Superior Court Sept. 14.
According to Milford police, a call came in shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday, July 21.
Chief Keith Mello said the homeowner told police he heard a noise outside that Saturday evening and looked out a second-floor window. He went downstairs to investigate further and reportedly spotted Prue, wearing no clothes, pushing a screen to gain entry to the house.
Mello said Prue charged at the homeowner - “rushed him” - and Mirto ran to the second floor and armed himself with a handgun, which he is licensed to carry. He also dialed 911.
Mirto went downstairs and fired the handgun toward the ceiling, he told police. But the firearm didn't work, and he ran back upstairs and got a second gun.
The homeowner told police he returned to the first floor of his residence and found Prue allegedly trying to steal a television, police said. Mirto said he told the man to leave his home, but the suspect again rushed him and tried to fight.
Mirto then shot the intruder in the chest.
When police arrived they found Prue behind the house, up to his knees in the water of Long Island Sound. Despite his wound, he was combative with officers, Mello said.