Conservatives do not have the right to ever say again that liberals live in La La Land, since they now live in one themselves of their own making. Instead of accepting the world as it is, they insist on trying to mold it into their own images. It simply will never work.

— Barry Hatrick Milford

President Donald Trump recently delivered an impressive speech both in tone and content to a joint session of Congress.

Soon after, Sen. Chris Murphy appeared on MSNBC to criticize the president. While nearly foaming at the mouth, he was outraged that the president spoke the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Does Murphy deny that Islamic terrorism exists or was he just desperate to find something to criticize the president about?

In any case, he demonstrated what an out-of-touch fool he is.

Sen. Murphy needs to get his head out of his ideological backside.

— Tony Vallillo Woodbridge

I so agree with Robert O. Blake Sr. as he wrote in the Feb. 9 issue.

Almost all of the TV shows I watch are on CBS. So I’m still paying my total Optimum bill because they won’t give you any deduction on your bill, but now I pay $5.99 a month to CBS so I can get my shows on my iPad.

This is totally unfair. Sen. Slossberg tried to help, but no one would help. This is “highway robbery.”

— Gale Uberti Milford

I loved David Seales’ tongue-in-cheek letter, titled “Don’t allow facts to stand in the way.” At first, I was thinking someone was a few straws short of a bale; then the further I read, I was soon laughing very hard. Thank you, David, for a very refreshing, common-sense letter, since most of the letter writers think we are way too hard on our poor new commander-in-chief.

— Patricia A. Garcia New Haven

I would like to add my support to last week’s letter from Jim Horwitz, “Magnet school arts must be fully funded.”

I, too, am concerned about how much the budgets of the magnet schools are being asked to sacrifice in funding in the proposed state budget for the coming year. Magnet schools work.

They are getting the job done. Our children need challenging educational opportunities to prepare themselves for higher education and adulthood. I have always been proud to live in a state which supports education.

Reducing the ability of the magnet schools to accomplish their goals is the wrong way for Connecticut to prosper in today’s economy. We need today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders in Connecticut. Graduates of our magnet schools will be those leaders.

Horwitz’s special interest in the arts magnet high school in New Haven, the Educational Center for the Arts, is one that I share.

I have seen the importance of this school in my granddaughter’s life. She attends the theater program there. The nurturing support of the staff and being part of the student community or fellow artists is helping her achieve her goals — goals which may translate into job opportunities in the future.

ECA provides a home base for a diverse community of students, and the challenges they offer these young men and women are priceless.

I hope our elected representatives in Hartford will look at the benefits we receive from having our young people fully challenged in their magnet school experience. Meet with them, talk with them, and learn how important these schools are to their lives. And then make Connecticut’s commitment to invest in them. It will be money well spent for the future.

— Anne-Marie Sutton Milford