Mourners for Maren Sanchez form long line outside funeral home

A long line of people wrapped around the Cody White Funeral Home Thursday to pay respects to the family of Maren Sanchez, the 16-year-old girl who was stabbed to death at Jonathan Law High School on Friday.

Many mourners wore purple, which was Maren’s favorite color, and some downtown shops had purple balloons flying in front of their buildings in the girl’s honor.

David Kristy, a friend of the family, said the scene inside the funeral home was orderly and that Maren’s mother was holding herself together as people offered their condolences.

Maren, he said, “looked beautiful in there.”

He said the make up on her face made her look exceptional but that she was always beautiful — even without makeup.

The past six days have been difficult, he said, but the love and support from the community has been helpful.

Kristy said he will remember Maren’s smile and the way she loved and supported others around her.

Several handlers walked along the crowd outside the funeral home with therapy dogs, and several mourners stopped to pet them.

Media from far and wide positioned themselves on the green, behind barriers that the Milford Police Department had put up as a press staging area.

Several hours earlier just down the street from the funeral home, local clergy and officials gathered for a National Day of Prayer ceremony at Milford City Hall. Several speakers talked about Maren and the need for the community to start healing.

Pastor Michael Bulkley from Kingdom Life Christian Church prayed for Maren’s family and others impacted by her murder.

He also called for an end to hatred and violence.

Father Maurice Maroney from St. Gabriel Church prayed for peace, especially for the Jonathan Law High School community and Maren’s family.

“The life of a bright, promising student was cut short by tragic circumstances beyond our understanding,” Father Maroney said.

He praised faculty and staff that tried to help her as she was being attacked, and those who started emergency medical treatment.

Christopher Plaskon, the 16-year-old boy who will be charged with murder for her death, is due in court Friday morning.

Plaskon will reportedly be tried as an adult. Friends have said that Plaskon stabbed Maren because she would not go to the prom with him.