Mitch doesn't miss a beat

ORANGE - Before a full house,First Selectman Mitchell Goldblatt received unamious support to seek a second term for the top seat in town. Thunderous applause and a standing ovation greeted his nomination.

Fellow Democrats Joseph F. Blake, Patricia Pearson and Loretta K. Smith round out the Board of Selectmen candidates.

Goldblatt stressed how he needed support on the board of selectman pointing out some of the difficulties he has encountered.

"If we had a Democratic majority on the BOS for the past two years the overall contentiousness and gridlock that every resident sees for themselves live on OGAT would have been replaced by government that makes a difference instead of government that makes a mess," Goldblatt told supporters.

In his acceptance speech, Goldblatt wasted no time in attacking the Republican party touting his "proactive" approach to town government. He cited the sale of the municipal cell towers and being the first town in the state to have its congregate housing facility accepted for assisted living care to current residents among his accomplishments. He also spoke of his success at securing the largest grant in state history for an open space acquisition by a municipality.

He also took the opportunity to blast the Republican controlled Board of Finance.

"With a responsible BOF, we will not be using scare tacticts to explain away tax increassses and will do something about the fund balance instead of criticzing it," Goldblatt said adding that he negotiated a $200,000 windfall avoiding unnecessary legal fees for the town with Great River Estates.

Goldblatt downplayed the lawsuits facing Orange, however he did not miss the opportunity to mention that the suit with AvalonBay was the result of the former Republican chairman of the Economic Development Commission. He also listed other Republican lawsuits currently pending agaiunst the town including; Jean Mitchell, Todd and Jennifer Green and Richard Civie.

Goldblatt criticized the suits.

"If Republicans are so concerned about legal fees, they should just stop suing the town."

The remainder of the Democratic slate includes; Town Clerk - Patrick O'Sullivan, Tax Collector - Margaret Vernazza, Board of Finance - Michael Amato, Marvin Jamron and David Moakley, TP&Z - Roy Cuzzocero and Paul Kaplan, Orange BOE - Anthony Buono, Clifford Dudley and Glenn Pearson, Amity BOE - Susan Cohen, Clayton Curtiss and Polly Orenstein DeMirjian, Constables - Charles Barretta, Cynthis Butler, Edward Golembiewski and Jane Leola Gray.