Milford woman, unable to find comfortable swimwear, creates her own

MILFORD — Hayley Segar just could not find a comfortable swimsuit — so she created her own brand.

Segar’s swimwear search proved fruitless as she sought a brand that brought with it the comfort she enjoyed with the seamless undergarments she owns. That is what prompted her to create her own line of seamless swimwear — and with that onewith was born.

“The entire line is elastic-free, dig free and edge-less, so it’s very flattering and very much one with a woman’s body,” said Segar.

Segar has always been frustrated with swimwear because it did not look as good as her underwear did.

“One day, I was trying on a bunch of swimsuits, and I literally said out loud, I just want a swimsuit that fits as my favorite seamless underwear does,” said Segar. “That’s how I came up with the concept, and I knew I had to create it, not just for me but for other women who were feeling the same way.”

It was in the spring of 2019 when Segar came up with the idea of onewith. The company launched in November 2021.

“It took quite a while to bring it to market, but I was tirelessly working on the development of the product, the brand, the website and everything that goes into launching a business in between that time,” she said. “It was really crucial that I took my time to make sure that everything was ready for our launch.”

Segar has lived in Milford for the past five years, and her neighborhood of Woodmont served as an inspiration for the top-selling bottom of onewith.

“I adore Milford. I love it here. I just bought a condo here last year, and I am very inspired by my neighborhood in particular, and I named a style after Woodmont,” she said. “We did a campaign shoot in Woodmont, and the Woodmont bottom is our best seller. So the entire line is East Coast, specifically New England-centric.”

With the names of the swimwear being East Coast, Tri-State, and New England-inspired, Segar said she needed to have one named after Milford.

“I was surprised that it was our bestseller,” said Segar. “I had two pegged to be our best sellers before the launch. I am right about a lot of things, but that was one thing I was not right about. The Woodmont is by far our best selling bottom, so that was a big surprise. But I’m glad that Milford gets to be showcased to women around the country in this way when they are wearing the Woodmont bottom.”

Before creating onewith, Segars was a content creator, and before that, she worked in the bridal fashion industry.

“This is kind of a combination of my experiences, but also something entirely new, given that I’ve never run a swimwear company before,” she said. “This journey of entrepreneurship has been the most pivotal piece of my entire life. I’ve learned so much and grown so much. I’m a completely different person when I thought of this idea even just to start.”

Segar said she would like to have the onewith brand be in Milford or one of the directly surrounding towns.

“I’ve been so caught up in getting this brand launched and out in the general public and getting national attention that I am really excited to circle back and show the city of Milford what I’ve done to showcase and glamorize our city here,” she said. “I hope I’m doing a good job of it and hope I’m making people proud.”