Milford ups trash haul reimbursement for 55-and-older communities

MILFORD — All 55-and-older homeowners associations in the city will be hauling in additional reimbursements for costs associated with hiring private trash pickup services.

The Board of Aldermen, at its meeting last month, voted to amend the ordinance which controls the reimbursement that homeowners’ associations utilize private trash hauling services from the city. The amendment, which applies only to properties that restrict ownership to those 55 and older, will hike the reimbursement rate by 50 percent.

Alderman Tony Giannattasio, R-1st, said one of the communities that spoke in favor of the amendment was Baldwin Station.

“Some of the reasons they stated is as you know these 55 and older communities, they don’t have children in the school system, they don’t have a lot of the other benefits such as bulk pickup, they have to plow their streets, they have other costs other than what we are accustomed to,” he said.

Condominiums in Milford do not receive trash hauling services provided by the city like other residential properties do. Instead, the properties contract with private trash hauling services at their own cost. Because the city is not providing this service to these properties, it reimburses the condominium associations for a portion of the charges incurred for this service that other properties receive from the city.

“In reality, even this new, higher reimbursement rate for our over 55 communities does not fully reimburse the homeowners’ associations for their trash hauling costs,” added Giannattasio. “I brought this amendment forward, however, because I believe it is important that we ensure that the residents of these communities, many of whom are on a fixed income, are able to make ends meet in this time of significant inflation.”

When he sat down and discussed their needs with them, Giannattasio said it occurred to him the amendment should be something tailored to those specific communities.

The last time there was an increase to the rate was 20 years ago, and Giannattasio added the modest increase of trash reimbursement would help manage escalating costs for all 55 and older HOA communities in Milford.

Effective this month, the communities that will benefit from the amended ordinance are Baldwin Station, Fernwood Estates, Forest Park, Gloria Commons, Haven Manor, Southwick Village, and West Gate Village.