Milford taking cycling to extreme in May

MILFORD — May is National Bike Month, and the city is using this once again as an opportunity to promote both Milford’s beauty and the benefits of exercise.

The city has planned several cycling events throughout the month, but the highlight is the new bike passport. Beginning May 1, residents can participate in the program, which, according to city Chief of Staff Justin Rosen, brings the community together with local businesses.

“Milford has so much to offer and one of the best ways to experience everything is on a bike,” said Jeremy Grant, the city’s Open Space and Sustainability Manager. “We have more than 17 miles of bike-able coastline that provide a magnificent ride.”

Bike Milford started about a decade ago to encourage people to get out and enjoy Milford in a new way, said Jeremy Grant, the city’s open space and sustainability manager.

Grant said in recent years more people than ever have started biking as a form of transportation and recreation. This month-long event, he said, builds on that momentum and highlights biking as a healthy, fun, and environmentally friendly way to get around Milford.

“Biking is important for the community because it brings people together,” he said. “People commonly ride with family, friends, or make new friends. These experiences help build connections and allow us to interact with our surroundings. We have various events that bring the community together and encourage using biking as an everyday form of transportation and enjoyment.”

Grant said the May events were chosen to appeal to all ages of cyclists.

“It’s important to remember that people of all ages enjoy riding bicycles and this year there is something for everyone,” Grant said.

Rosen said the city is one of the most scenic areas for bicyclists. Year-round routes are marked throughout the city, including the 5-, 10-, 20-, and 40-mile courses for the Folks on Spokes charity ride supporting Bridges, which is the state-designated mental health authority for Milford.

“Milford also has 11 miles of the 2,900-mile East Coast Greenway that runs from Maine to Florida,” Rosen said, adding that the city “is the perfect city to enjoy a casual ride with the family, get some exercise, or for a quick commute.”

The Bike Passport program begins May 1. Interested participants may pick up their passport card at a participating business - Bees Knees Café, Café Atlantique, CappuGino’s Coffee and Shakes, Cone Zone, Devine’s Bagels, Greek Spot Café, Nate’s Plates, Seaside Nutrition, Sprout Juice Bar, Tony’s Bikes, Touchdown Nutrition, and Walnut Beach Creamery.

“The Bike Milford Passport program is a great way to tour our beautiful city while visiting some of our ‘quick stop’ local businesses,” Rosen said. “We encourage people to bike to each of the locations for their passport to be stamped.”

Each stamp will equal one entry into a raffle with a maximum of 12 entries per participant. Passports may be handed in during the May 28 bicycle stunt show and will be accepted no later than June 15.

The city will also be hosting world champion athlete Chris Poulos, a youth motivational speaker and professional bicycle stunt performer, for a show on May 28 from 2 to 3 p.m. at Fowler Rotary Pavilion.

Poulos will share life lessons as he demonstrates his bicycle stunts. He specializes in core values, anti-bullying, and character education, and the event is for all ages.

Poulos’ presentation will follow the bike rodeo & world champion bicycle stunt show — hosted by Milford Police and the Milford Parks and Recreation Department - from noon to 2 p.m. at Fowler Rotary Pavilion.

Bike rodeo events include a bike safety check, safe stopping, using hand signals, and practicing agility with an obstacle cone course. The importance of a properly fitted bike safety helmet will also be covered.

Other Bike Month events include a professional helmet check at Tony’s Bikes on May 7 and national ride-to-work day on May 20.

More information about the events, contact Jeremy Grant at or Cassie Schull at