Milford selects sidewalk area near Boston Post Road for public pot use

MILFORD - The city has designated an area of Roses Mill Road for public cannabis use.

Mayor Ben Blake informed the Board of Aldermen, at its meeting Monday, of the specific area, which is a sidewalk listed as 0 Roses Mill Road, adjacent to the side entrance to Barnes and Noble at 1375 Boston Post Road. The area is several yards away from the Post Road.

Milford, because of its population size, is required to designate an area where the public can consume cannabis outdoors.

“That two-and-a-half-acre property has a sign that has been installed that layers out as the designated area,” said Blake.

Alderman Raymond Vitali, R-5, asked if there will need to be any site modifications to the area chosen by the city such as benches, lighting and other modifications.

“At this point the enabling legislation that request that site to be there does not spell out that we need any of those accouterments,” said Blake. “We have identified that the area does have good lighting, there is a cobra head light basically directly above where the signage is installed. It’s a 4,000 Kelvin light and it is very bright.”

Blake said the sign indicates the area of consumption is within 15 feet around the sign.

There were two other locations the city was considering to designate for public cannabis use — the sidewalk area on Post Road between Barnes and Noble and the Walmart parking lot and the second was at 130 Boston Post Road — before this final choice was made.

Blake said some alderman had approached him with ideas and suggestions to consider.

“If there is some harm or issue that befalls this particular site that is ultimately chosen, we can adjust, we can tweak and move to another location,” Blake noted.

Blake said the issue of public transportation had been brought up and the location the police chief prefers, on Post Road, has a bus stop near the area.

“Other criteria also include (that) they are enough away from residential areas and far enough away from schools, houses of worship and other locations we usually associate with zoning requirements for a place that sells and distributes alcohol,” he said.

Police Capt. Donald McCollum said there would need to be a deliberation between the police department, the chief and the command staff on how they will enforce the law.