Milford schools get security upgrades

Joseph A. Foran High School is one of five schools with updated security entrance ways.

Joseph A. Foran High School is one of five schools with updated security entrance ways.

Bill Bloxsom /

MILFORD — Entrances at all Milford Public Schools have been retrofitted with ballistic and blast-resistant glass, frames and hardware, according to school officials.

James Richetelli, the school district’s chief operations officer, updated the Board of Education about the security upgrades during its meeting last week.

“The hardened vestibules will create a ‘man-trap’ or a buffer at the entranceways to slow down a would-be intruder from gaining access to the building,” said Richetelli.

Recently, Milford Public Schools completed the third phase of security projects at five schools, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Orange Avenue Elementary School, East Shore Middle School and Joseph A. Foran High School.

The school board accepted the 100 percent completion of the security upgrade projects at the different schools on April 11. The board needed to officially accept the completion to receive final state reimbursement and close out the project.

“This is in keeping with the recommendations of the school safety and security working group, and in accordance with the state school safety infrastructure standards,” said Richetelli, adding that the “hardened entranceway” project is part of a larger school security project.

“There have been multiple layers of added security at all of our buildings,” he added. “The work is ongoing as we strive to employ the best practices to keep our students, staff and visitors as safe as possible.”

The construction of Phase 3 was started and completed in the summer of 2021.

The total cost for all five schools in Phase 3 was about $2,054,204, but Richetelli said the work is eligible for state reimbursement of 40.71 percent, or $836,266, leaving a local share of about $1,217,938.

“These funds are part of the city’s bonding for the capital improvement plan,” he said.