Milford's poet laureate leads writing group

Give thanks! For we are blessed by those who see — the stalwart keepers of our history!

These last two lines are from a sonnet “On History” written by Milford’s poet laureate, Mick Theebs, who composed the work below for the Milford Historical Society.

Theebs wrote: “Considering the MHS is meant to preserve and recognize the past, I thought it fitting to compose a sonnet.”

The society is grateful to Mick for including the organization in his body of work for the City of Milford.

On History

In all the splendor of our modern world

comfort lets us forget our humble place

at the bleeding edge of the path unfurled

living by the good graces of the fates.

It is at their whim we have come so far —

every loss and victory preordained.

We owe them dues for each trophy and scar,

each flutter of joy and needle of pain.

The churning ocean of the human mind

(though a miracle, powerful and vast)

will often find itself deaf, dumb, and blind

to all those machinations of the past.

Give thanks! For we are blessed by those who see —

the stalwart keepers of our history!

A few years ago, Mayor Ben Blake suggested that a poet laureate be named for the City of Milford. The idea was for that person to be an advocate for poetry and literature and add original work to the city's literary legacy. He worked with Chris Angeli, Milford Library director, and Paige Miglio, executive director of the Milford Arts Council, and set up an application process. Later, the three of them went through the applications to find the right person. The choice of Theebs was unanimous. (Norwalk and New Milford have similar poet laureate positions.)

Theebs must write three original works of poetry a year and present them at city events. His past work includes “Veterans Day,” a poem he read on the Green during a Veterans Day observance. One of his first works was titled “Here I Am, Milford” in which he introduces himself and expresses enthusiasm for his new venture. (His four-year term will end in 2020 when another poet will be selected.)

As part of his honorary position, Theebs is working with a group called “The Written Word” that meets at the Firehouse Gallery at 7 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. The gallery is at 81 Naugatuck Avenue in the Walnut Beach neighborhood. These gatherings are meant to encourage writers to practice their skills, get feedback on their work, and forge connections with fellow writers. Everyone interested in “The Written Word” is welcome to participate. Theebs may be reached at