Milford's next generation at helm of new business

Their fathers helped keep Milford residents safe: The sons are helping people get jobs.

The sons of two former Milford police officers, along with the city’s poet laureate, are at the helm of a new business in town called Aced My Interview.

Dan Thornberg, son of retired Milford police officer Mark Thornberg, created the business, and teamed up with several other age twenty-something entrepreneurs with Milford ties, including Jake Nielsen, who is the son of Jeff Nielsen, former safety officer for the Milford Police Department and now security advisor for the Milford Public Schools.

Also on board is Mick Theebs, Milford’s first poet laureate.

The new company has a staff of about 10, most of them young but with some senior advisors on board, Jake Nielsen said.

Thornberg already had a local lawn care business under his belt when he came up with the idea for Aced My Interview. Aced My Interview is an Internet based service company that guides people through the interview process and helps them prepare for answering questions and presenting themselves professionally.

The platform gives users access to job interview help guides, career advancing tools and mock interviews with professionals who Thornberg said have worked with many big name companies, such as GE, Pepsi, United Technologies and IBM.

“I realized the need for my product while attending Southern Connecticut University,” Thornberg said. “I realized that my fellow students were very talented and knew their stuff, but they lacked the experience of dealing with a business professional. You can be as talented and work as hard as you want, but if you can't sell yourself, you won't get very far.”

Nielsen got involved with the company after noticing on his Facebook news feed.

He had moved to California after graduating from Roger Williams University. He knew Thornberg and, after seeing the Facebook post, contacted him and told him the business was a great idea and that he wanted to be involved. Thornberg hopped on a plane to Los Angeles for a three-day meeting, after which Nielsen became the company’s digital marketing director and community relations manager, press and media contact.

The company’s promo video was shot in Milford at Laurel Beach, starring another Milford resident — Bree DiMaio.

And there are other local names connected to Aced My Interview.

Theebs, who also goes by the name Michael Thibodeau, runs the blog section, in addition to penning poems for Milford events as the city’s poet laureate. Thornberg’s partner, Douglas Unger, manages operations: He has owned Alexander Bec Corporate Recruiters for eight years.

Russell Davis, who by the way recently won Connecticut lottery’s “$1,000,000 Diamonds” after buying a lottery ticket in Milford, is handling university sales.

Michael Croke is the network coordinator and handles day-to-day operations.

Shane McLellan is the videographer and filmed the promotional video.

Zach Depiero is the photographer, and Peralta Design is the web development team out of Shelton.  

Technology is part of the key for these next-generation Milford residents who seized on what the Internet has to offer.

“Technology and the Internet are such valuable resources today,” Thornberg said. “Just three years ago, a company like ours wouldn't have been possible. With the advancements in video conferencing mediums and with the development of higher Internet speeds, we are now able to hold interviews anywhere Internet is available. These improvements have helped us to continue to grow and we look to eventually expanding internationally.”