Milford’s employee of the month once used an oven to fix a computer

Elizabeth (Liz) Berggren, this month’s employee of the month in Milford, once fixed a computer by baking a faulty network card in the oven.

Berggren works in Milford’s Management Information Systems department, and it’s that kind of ingenuity that landed her the mayor’s award for January.

Mayor Ben Blake started the employee of the month program last year to recognize city employees on a monthly basis.

After a review of all of the nominations, the selection committee unanimously chose Berggren as the winner for January for her initiative and creativity, in addition to her ability to “consistently provide a high level of service in her position.”

Berggren began her career with the City of Milford on March 8, 1999.  Her job responsibilities have grown over the years as Milford’s computer systems expand and as city employees rely more heavily on technology for daily operations.

“Liz, ‘The Fixer, solves computer problems big and small; she overhauls entire systems that have completely crashed while also diagnosing ‘broken’ machines which have mistakenly come unplugged,” city officials said in a press release.

Most recently, Berggren fixed a problem with a very creative, unique solution.

“A user contacted Liz about a network printer that had stopped working…again. In a valiant effort to not incur any expense in the repair of the printer, Liz set about researching the matter online. After scouring the Internet, she discovered a little known fix for the faulty network card: Bake the card in a 350 degree oven, let cool, then reconfigure.

“Liz tried it and it worked,” city officials said.

Her fellow workers said Berggren responds to each frantic request for help with confidence, humor and understanding.

“Her can-do attitude is proof that she is a team player,” the employee of the month press release explains. “As you all know, computers are the essential means of communication in the day-to-day business, and the city relies heavily on Liz’s skills and expertise to keep Milford running.”