Milford restaurants earn high health scores

MILFORD — City eateries continue to earn high marks from the local Health Department.

Out of the 314 health inspections performed by the city’s health inspectors, none were under 80 points, the minimum passing score on a 100-point scale.

Health inspectors visit restaurants quarterly, and grade them on a numerical scale, with 100 points being a perfect score. Inspectors deduct between one and four points for any one of 62 possible violations. Any score under 80 is considered a failure, as is even a single uncorrected violation of a 4-point risk factor.

Inspectors issue 4-point deductions for violations such as improper food-holding temperatures, damaged food cans and inadequate hand-washing facilities. Lesser violations can include leaving scoops in the ice machine, missing or inaccurate food thermometers and uncovered trash cans.

Restaurants that receive 4-point violations can be required to correct them on the spot. For the most severe violations, the restaurant can have its license revoked and be shut down.

There were a total of 18 locations that scored a perfect 100 points during their health inspections.

According to health inspection reports, four restaurants received a score of 80: Crab Du Jour, East Shore Pizza LLC, Fufi Chinese and Japanese Restaurant, and Milford Sports Pub and Grill. None of the four locations received a four-point critical-violation that would have resulted in a failing grade.

A total of 59 locations scored between 81 to 89 points, and the majority of the city’s restaurants received a score between 90 and 99 points.