Milford residents create snowflakes for Sandy Hook children

Local students and adults created paper snowflakes as part of what turned into an international campaign to welcome Sandy Hook students back to school in January.

Two days after Christmas, approximately 250 Milford students and parents went to the Parsons gymnasium to create bags and bags of snowflakes, intended for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Sandy Hook students will go to Chalk Hill School in Monroe temporarily this month, following the deadly shooting at their own school in mid-December.

The National PTA promoted a drive for people across the country to clip out snowflakes, which would be used to transform Chalk Hill School into a winter ‘wonderland’ — “something beautiful for this group of returning students,” organizers said.

“Our state PTA office, the Connecticut PTSA office in Hamden, became the center for all donations,” said Kathy Bonetti, school spokesperson and PTA representative.

Milford PTA Council decided to offer a one-day event where everyone from Milford could join together to clip snowflakes and organizers would transport them to the state Hamden office for delivery to Chalk Hill in time for the students of Sandy Hook.

“More than 250 people came to the Milford event – and I have to say, it was a wonderful way for adults and children to spend an afternoon together for a common cause,” Bonetti said.

“I believe this event, while it will result in a beautiful welcome for the students returning to school in January, was a great way for people to feel they are contributing. It’s about healing. It’s about the therapeutic nature of something as simple as a snowflake,” Bonetti added.

When all were delivered, there were thousands of packages of snowflakes from around the world: Packages were piled up to the ceiling, organizers said.

“Snowflakes came from across the country – as well as from Saudi Arabia, Canada, Kuwait, and many other countries across the globe,” Bonetti said.

Snowflakes can be sent through Jan. 12 to the Connecticut Parent Teacher Student Association at 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103 in Hamden, CT.