Milford representatives say legislation puts moratorium on affordable housing appeals

Milford legislators gathered at City Hall at noon today to announce plans concerning the state’s affordable housing law.

“Over the past year, developers have used Connecticut’s affordable housing appeals procedure to circumvent Milford’s zoning laws at an unprecedented rate,” incumbent legislators said in a prepared press release. “Hundreds of citizens have spoken out, suggesting that this prevents the city from building affordable housing in a deliberate, thoughtful manner consistent with Milford’s Plan of Conservation and Development.”

In response, Sen. Gayle Slossberg and Milford’s General Assembly delegation announced today that they have crafted and passed legislation that will place a one year moratorium on affordable housing appeals procedures in Milford.

“In that year, legislators will work together with stakeholders to determine a process that will appropriately encourage affordable housing while protecting the health, safety and character of neighborhoods,” the legislators said.

Slossberg, State Rep. Paul Davis, James Maroney, Kim Rose and Mayor Ben Blake took part in the press conference.