Milford property transfers: July 1

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,
623 Milford Point Rd, Francisco Pena to Anthony Korkodilos, $260,000.
17 Morehouse Ave, Anne Young to Kevin J. Hurd, $159,000.
14 Morris Ln, Joanne Talone to Frank and Margaret Syc, $210,000.
20 Morris Ln, George T. Kasuba to Ricahrd and Karin May, $234,900.
12 Naugatuck Ave Unit A7, Melinda Coomer-Mcnaughton to Eric C. Chiang and Grace Lee-Chiang, $392,000.
45 Naugatuck Ave Unit 45, Beach Village Rentals LLC to John R. Williams, $45,000.
1070 Naugatuck Ave, Kevin E. Simpson to Marie Brackett, $226,000.
1122 Naugatuck Ave, George C. and Charlene F. Micklus to Wesley and Tara D. Meeker, $225,000.
1080 New Haven Ave Unit 87, Nancy Latorraca to Mark A. Kozlowksi, $70,000.
1110 New Haven Ave Unit 124, Tyler A. Gordon to Mark A. and Virginia E. Kozlowski, $96,500.
39 Oak Ridge Ln, Robert J. Jeney and Catherine K. Jenney to Sudhakar R. Vajrala and Neelima Ganti, $428,000.
101 Oak Ridge Ln, Fiore F. and Janie C. Soviero to Melvin and Patricia Garcia, $460,000.
36 Pauline St, Peter Impellizeri to Ardys Brinkman-Persson, $325,000.
Perry Pl Lot 6, Buck Custom Builders LLC to Clorinda Iacono and Giovanni Argentari, $253,000.
232 Popes Island Rd Unit 232, Kenneth C. and Jo C. Geaslin to Aydin Leylani, $270,000.
826 Popes Island Rd Unit 826, Barbara B. Hawes to Patrice R. Fike, $301,500.
15 Primrose St, Sandra Giguere to 15 Primrose LLC, $75,000.
Prospect St, Thomas A. Harkness to James Pino, $9,000.
3 Prospect St, Thomas A. Harkness to James Pino, $71,000.
22 Richard St, Molly Rental LLC to Adam Lucka and Audrey Fung, $463,800.
25 Ridge St, Alan and Lori Link to Aniceta Danville, $179,000.
2 Robert St, Marcos Cardoso to Scott J. and Molly E. Corcoran, $268,000.
330 Roses Mill Rd, Michael Kopek to Wei Hu, $335,000.
478 Roses Mill Rd, Craig Calistro to Mohammad H. Tellawi and Ahlam A. Jalil, $300,000.
23 Roswell St, Alexandria Jaser to Raymond M. and Julianne C. Cianciullo, $203,000.
29 Salem Walk Unit 29, Andrew S. Moore and Halina M. Andrzejak to Americo D. and Cheryl A. Camillo, $180,000.
111 Schoolhouse Rd, CSMC 2007 C5 FFI Hotel to Milford Enterprises LLC, $3,675,000.
256 Seaside Ave, Seaside Enterprises LLC to 256 Seaside Avenue LLC, $355,000.
18 Shagbark Ln Unit 18, Sarah H. and Nuno M. Tecla to Shizhao Kang and Qing Li, $235,000.
15 Shweky Beach Way Unit 15, Beach Partners LLC to Harry E. and Karen C. Davis, $358,617.
13 Sperry St, FHLM to Edward J. Kirkham, $35,000.
1 Spruce Cir, Donald G. and David W. Walkley to Caitlin K. Broderick, $246,000.
91 Stowe Ave Unit 303, Alexandria Winkelman to Reshat Hasankolli, $115,000.
91 Surf Ave, Reise Inc to Christina L. Mouradjian, $162,500.
98 Trumbull Ave Unit 98, Deborah J. Luciani to Stephel L. and Marybeth Saltzman, $700,000.
85 Viscount Dr Unit 25b, Doris Desautels to Anneliese Urpin, $179,000.317 W Main St, Robert Christopher to Dimithy Milovanov and Fiorella Castagnetto, $158,000.
255 W River St, Old Tavern Rentals LLC to 255 West River Props LLC, $505,000.
3 Washington St, Erik Anderson to Mari L. Paquette, $245,000.
526 Welchs Point Rd, William P. Spigener and Stephanie B. Kowalski to Thomas Ballou, $313,000.
659 West Ave Unit 6, MCM Capital Partners Tr to Bilun Unal and Biroli Emir, $130,000.
15 Winthrop Ct, Lisa Perrault to Raymond and Dianna Sobers, $275,000.
12 Wood Ave, Moran Irene M Est and Peggy M. Freeman to Debroah Goncalves, $120,000.