Milford man served as pallbearer for president

Milford residents may not have taken notice of the young man who graduated from Platt Technical School in 2017.

He studied automotive at Platt, and he worked at the Boys & Girls Club in Milford.

Marie Louisgene said her son, Allon C. Louisgene, is like her — on the quiet side, not one to seek the spotlight.

But residents may have taken notice as they watched their television or computer screens Dec. 5, witnessing the funeral of former president George H.W. Bush at the Washington National Cathedral.

Allon, that young man from Milford, was one of the pallbearers carrying the casket of the 41st president.

Back at home, Marie was at her job as a dental assistant at the VA Healthcare System and she had her eyes on the television. One of her co-workers recorded her as she watched: At first Marie beamed at the image of her son, and then she wiped tears from her eyes. She was so proud of him.

Allon, 19, enlisted in the Navy Nov. 11, 2017. It was during freshman year at Platt that he told his mother he wanted to go into the service. She wasn’t thrilled at the time, but during his junior year the two talked seriously, and they went to the Navy recruiter’s office in Bridgeport together.

Allon wasn’t even through with boot camp when he learned that a position was opening in the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard, the official ceremonial unit of the Navy.

Members of the Navy Ceremonial Guard participate in some of the nation’s most prestigious ceremonies, including presidential inaugurations and arrival ceremonies for foreign officials, according to a Navy website.

In addition, the site continues, the Navy Ceremonial Guard serves as the funeral escort and conducts all services for Navy personnel buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Allon was accepted into the program, and in that position has been the Navy representative at several high profile ceremonies, including the funeral of the late senator John McCain and last week, the services for a sailor who died at Pearl Harbor and was laid to rest after his remains were positively identified.

Allon shared a video of the Pearl Harbor procession with his mother, explaining that this is what he does every day.

And he seems proud of what he is doing for his country, commenting to his mother before the President Bush services, “Mom, I’m stepping into history.”

Allon is an inspiration to his younger brother, Michael Moss, 10, who goes to John F. Kennedy School in Milford. Michael said he wants to join the Navy one day, too, like his big brother. So when Allon was home recently, he went to the YMCA with his mother, Michael and sister, Amari Moss, a freshman at Platt, to give Michael some tips on swimming — one part of the Navy test.

Allon plans to attend college, and after his Navy service, his mother said he has talked about pursuing a career with the FBI.

Platt Technical School posted a message on its website, saluting Allon: “Allon is part of the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard and has represented the Navy in a number of prestigious ceremonies. The Platt Tech community is honored and proud to have such a wonderful young man represent the United States Navy and Platt Technical High School.”