Milford man arrested for having drugs and explosives in house

A Pond Street resident who called police Sunday afternoon complaining that he heard intruders in his house wound up under arrest for having drugs and explosives in the home.

The Milford Police Department received a phone call from the resident at 76 Pond Street at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday and sent multiple police units to the address in response. Police said they were met by the resident, later identified as Derek Meyers, 28, of Milford who was holding a handgun.

Police say that after securing the weapon from Meyers, they searched for intruders. Police found no evidence of any intruders at the home after conducting the search.

During the search, officers observed a grenade style canister in the living room on the main level of the residence, a clear plastic bag containing a white powdery substance, along with a hypodermic needle, glass pipe and a white bucket filled with materials consistent with explosive making materials.

Officers left for safety reasons and secured the home and evacuated nearby residents.

Police said the Connecticut State Police Bomb Squad was contacted to further investigate to determine the potential hazard of the possible explosive devices.

The bomb squad concluded there were numerous hazardous materials in the residence, one of which was a home-made detonator, local police said. Also discovered were several powders and electrical components which could be used to make home-made explosive devices.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and executed a thorough search of the home. During the search, investigators discovered smoke bombs and smoke grenades. One of the smoke grenades had been altered with a remote receiver switch and flash powder, police said.

Additionally, several powders — potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, flash powder — and nitric acid were discovered and seized. The clear plastic bag with the white powdery substance and glass pipe were seized and tested for the presence of cocaine, with positive results.

Police said they allowed area residents to re-enter their homes once the technicians determined it was safe to do so.

Meyers is being charged with the illegal manufacture of bombs, illegal possession of fireworks, illegal possession of explosives, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He is currently being held on $250,000 bond.