Milford fire boat sinks

The Milford Fire Department boat sunk Saturday night.

According to Fire Department Spokesman Greg Carman, last night at about 7 p.m., a caller from the boatyard said the fire boat was taking on water and sinking.

Within 20 minutes of checking on the situation, it was completely submerged.

No one was on the boat at the time.

A boom was deployed to contain any fuel that may leak, Carman said.

The State Police dive team has been called to raise the boat and get it onshore.

The fire boat is docked at Port Milford on Rogers Avenue. It is a 1995 27-foot Winninghoff.

“The department does have another boat that is smaller, but is able to respond for most marine emergencies we are faced with,” Carman said.

The fire boat is used for anything from boat fires to search and rescue calls, including dive team operations, towing vessels in distress, and medical emergencies.