MILFORD — Standing outside of the Harborside Middle School polling place in Milford Tuesday morning, Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz said she was impressed with voter turnout so far.

“How exciting it is to see lines blocks long —not just in Milford, but I’ve already been to three or four locations around the state and it’s like this everywhere,” she said.

She added the more people vote, the better the results.

“We get better results whenever people participate,” she said. “Putting back on my old Secretary of the State hat, I’ve never seen it like this. 2008 was big. This is bigger and we’re so excited.”

State Sen. James Maroney (D-14th District) agreed.

“We have a fantastic turnout today and I feel that the larger the sample size, the smaller the margin of error,” he said. “We arrive at better decisions when everyone votes.”

Maroney commented on the many students voting for the first time, and those who have just received their U.S. citizenship.

“When I was over at Meadowside (School), a Pakistani gentleman got his citizenship two weeks ago. That’s really what the citizenship is about,” Maroney said. “This is the most important right that we have is the right to vote and it’s good to see everyone exercising it.”