Milford company wants to see people scooting around the city

MILFORD — Touring the city just got easier, and without all the hassles of finding parking.

Scoot and Paddle, located at 28 Naugatuck Ave., has started offering commuter scooters, a move which owner Tina Pritchard feels will provide a valuable service to those looking to move around the Walnut Beach and greater Milford community without getting behind the wheel.

“It’s really nice having something unique to offer, that’s why we opened in the first place,” said Pritchard, whose business is the only scooter rental place in the city. “There was a niche and need for it, and it enhances the beach vibe in the community, and I really enjoy it.”

Previously, Scoot and Paddle only had 50cc gas-powered scooters to rent. But Pritchard said people needed to have a driver's license to rent those scooters.

“We’ve always had the 50cc scooter, but because of liability issues, we stopped renting those, and we took on these commuter scooters instead,” she said. “The 50cc scooters were a little bit too difficult for people, so we’ve just decided to go this route, which is better.”’

Scoot and Paddle received the commuter scooters Monday, and Pritchard said she was excited for people to start using them.

“They are so much fun, and we do have a bit of a parking problem in Milford, so there are a lot of areas, like downtown, near all the beaches, that are hard to park,” she said. “This is a nice alternative, where you can scoot to local restaurants, like Dockside, and have a burger, sit on the patio and not have to worry about parking.”

The scooter rentals at Scoot and Paddle are not like Bird scooters where a person has to pay for the scooter through the app. Pritchard said people have to rent and return them at Scoot and Paddle.

“We don’t have ones where you use the app to grab and go because they can become an issue with people leaving them in people’s front yards or on the ground,” said Pritchard. “Even though it’s a nice idea, for Milford, I don’t think it really is the right thing, so yes, they do have to be returned.”

To use a scooter, Pritchard said they have to be 14 or older. Parents have to rent them for those younger than 18.

“And there is no license required to rent these scooters,” she said.

The scooters can be rented hourly, for a full day or a couple of days. The standup-style electric scooters can each speeds of about 18 mph.