MILFORD >> City employees were named the Milford Mayor’s Employee of the Month for June, July and August.

• Arthur J. “A.J.” Berube, night custodian in the Building Maintenance Division in the Department of Public Works, was selected as Employee of the Month of June.

Berube has held the position since he began with the city Sept. 9, 2013.

The custodian must ensure the city buildings are kept neat, clean, free from clutter, and safe. Berube’s capacity as a custodian is first class. He goes “above and beyond” in the performance of his job responsibilities, giving attention to minute details.

He attends to his daily tasks with a cheerful demeanor and is always willing to assist.

Berube is valued by his peers and supervisors. He always manages to his work with a positive and willing disposition.

Berube makes sure the buildings he is working on are in the best shape possible and takes it upon himself to fix minor issues without being asked. Most importantly, he always shows how much he cares about his work.

• Craig George, Gary Brown, Dan Sennett and Nick Digioia, the Sewer Line Crew in the Wastewater Division in the Department of Public Works, were selected as Employees of the Month for July.

The four ensure that the 225 miles of the city’s sanitary sewer lines are properly maintained every day.

George is supervisor of technical services, and the others are sewer line mechanics. They work as a team to perform routine daily maintenance as well as address any emergencies that may arise.

They do all scheduled jet cleaning and inspections of sewer lines, frequent cleaning of areas with a history of stoppages, televised camera inspections, and smoke testing for illegal connections. The crew clears mainline and lateral blockages.

They work in a professional manner at all times and their work ethic is evident. They are assets to the Wastewater Division of Public Works, as well as the city.

Sumner Johnston, also a member of the team was part of the nomination, however, as a member of the Selection Committee he recused himself from participating in the vote and selection. Nonetheless, his efforts and hard work are commendable. He is an integral part of the sewer line crew.

• Toni Weeks was named the Employee of the Month for August.

The Selection Committee chose her for her work ethic, work performance and teamwork.

Weeks began her employment with the city July 17, 2000, as a pension clerk. On June 2, 2001, she was promoted to her current position of paralegal, due in part to her intelligence and organizational skills.

Weeks’ responsibilities are multifaceted and frequently unlimited. Weeks every day drafts city ordinances; researches, organizes and coordinates legal data for union negotiations; assists in real estate matters; and provides litigation support and trial preparation for matters including code enforcement, tax foreclosures, bankruptcies and land use. She also works with the mayor in preparation of the monthly agenda for the Board of Aldermen.

Because of Weeks’ knowledge and understanding of the workings of the city, other departments often reach out to her for assistance in deciphering and issuing administrative and legal documents. Weeks has shared her organizational expertise with other departments to streamline their job responsibilities.

Weeks’ work ethic and dedication are of the highest caliber; her grace under pressure and resilience in the face of adversity is admirable and greatly appreciated.