Milford bulk waste pickup to begin this month

Milford City Hall

Milford City Hall

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MILFORD - The Spring 2021 Bulk Pickup Program is scheduled to begin on April 26 and end on May 17. The bulk waste pickup schedule will correspond to residents’ trash pickup day.

For those whose trash is picked up on Monday, bulk pickup will begin April 26. Tuesday trash pickup neighborhoods will have their bulk waste picked up beginning May 3. Bulk pickup begins May 10 for those with Thursday pickup and May 17 for those with Friday pickup.

The pickups will start at 7 a.m. and continue into the afternoon, accordig to Steve Johnson, assistant director of public works. Johnson also requested that residents don’t start placing their bulk amterial at the curb until the weekend of their scheduled pickup.

“We don’t want to have stuff along the curb for an extended period of time,” he said.

According to Mayor Ben Blake’s office, the homeowner needs to separate the acceptable bulky waste items. They should be placed in bags and containers and taken to the curb where all items, including containers, will be picked up.

Residents participating in the bulk pickup need to follow the requirements. Small bulk waste items must be bagged or boxed; yard waste must be placed in disposable paper bags (grass clipping are not permitted); brush and wood must be cut, tied and bundled in lengths four feet or less.

Metal must be no longer than four feet and separated from other waste. Electronics and appliances must be separated from other waste, and bulk waste must be placed away from regular trash and recycle containers. The city will pick up a maximum of four passenger car tires.

The following items are prohibited: Hazardous waste; liquid waste, including oil-based paint, propane tanks; grass clippings; brush and branches; sheetrock; concrete or cement; bricks; porcelain tubs, sinks and toilets; and other demolition material.

Johnson said a condominium bulk pickup program will begin June 9. The city will coordinate with the Milford Coalition of Condominiums Association and the guidelines will be the same, he said.