Milford brewers look to expand operation

Jerry Candido, left, and Chris Willett are the owners of Milford Point Brewing Co.

Jerry Candido, left, and Chris Willett are the owners of Milford Point Brewing Co.

As Milford’s Brewery scene thrives, the duo that kickstarted the market have further growth on their minds.

After roughly six months of business, the owners of Milford Point Brewing Co., at 230 Woodmont Road are looking to double the size of their operation. Pending approval from planning and zoning this month, Chris Willett and Jerry Candido are looking to expand into the neighboring space to open a new taproom as early as next month.

“What people want is to be able to hang out more and drink our beer in pint form,” said Willett who serves as the head brewer for the business, which opened April 7 as a nanobrewery.

The proposal comes after the brewery became a popular distributor among residents and local bars with brews named after Milford landmarks. Milford Point Brewing Co. was the first brewery to open in the city, followed by Tribus, which opened over the summer.

Maintaining its stance on being local for locals, the nanobrewery has served resident and visiting beer lovers with its small taste room and growler-filling room where customers may sample and buy beer for off-site consumption.

They also sell and deliver kegs of their beers to more than a dozen bars in Milford and in surrounding towns.

“Along the lines of what we’ve wanted to do is serve Milford first and then kind branch out from there,” Candido said.

Now, the duo is looking to add a taproom as part of its second phase of development for the brewery along with canning and distributing their beers.

Though they haven’t nailed down the layout plans for the proposed tap room, they plan to feature the traditional brewery games for entertainment.

Their proposal will be up for review by planning and zoning this month, according to Willett.

While physical expansion hasn’t begun, that hasn’t kept the duo from making additions to their operation.

With two new fermenters added to their operation, four in total, the brewery produces roughly 176 kegs of beer monthly, doubling in output, according to Candido.

That growth won’t stop at this expansion, however, as Willett and Candido are looking to eventually branch into a new site where they can have a full-service brewery, much like with other breweries in the area.

“I think we’re going to jump up,” he said. “That whole business plan of starting small is the perfect nanobrewery start and as it grows we’ll just grow with it.”

Milford Point is open Thursday and Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m on Saturdays.