A Milford boat launch that recently reopened is already being put to good use by local boaters, State Rep. Kim Rose (D-Milford) said in an email this week.

The boat launch was reopened to the public June 14, after its completed construction June 10.

“The completion of our local boat launch is perfectly timed for the peak of summer,” Rose said. “I look forward to meeting other Milford residents as we enjoy time on the water in our own community.”

Updates to the facility included fresh painting and new signage, as well as a handicap parking space. Going forward, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will be responsible for maintenance.

The popular boat launch was taken out of commission during construction on the Moses Wheeler Bridge because contamination was found, officials said.

Rose had been pushing the project because access to the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound is important.

“I’m very grateful to the DOT commissioner for recognizing the importance of accessing the water,” Rose said last June upon the funding approval.

Mayor Ben Blake also said at the time that he was “anxiously awaiting the restoration of the boat launch into the Housatonic,” saying the boat launch answers a real need in Milford.