Milford beaches and marinas were Labor Day hotspots

MILFORD — People swarmed Milford beaches and marinas this past Labor Day weekend - continuing a trend that has seen a jump in usage this entire summer, local officials said.

“We got a consistent flow of people and nice crowds during the weekend,” Milford Recreation Director Bill Garfield said. “The days were beautiful, so we had the normal expected in-and-out traffic flow in and out of the parking lots.”

Many locals did enjoy the beaches, but since Milford residents have beach stickers, Garfield said it’s hard to get the exact number of people who went to the beach during the long weekend.

However, Garfield said the beaches did get a mix of locals and non-local visitors.

“On Sept. 4, we had more than 100 non-resident cars, and on Sept. 6, the day off, we had 243 vehicles,” Garfield said. “Some of those cars stayed, all day, some of those cars came in at night to see the sunset, so it’s all different.”

Garfield said with the help of the Milford police and public works departments, Labor Day weekend was a success.

“I think we had a great summer season at the beaches, and I think we saw a continuous flow of people coming in, and we were able with staff that we have and the help of the Police Department, we kept the beaches safe,” he said. “It was a wildly successful summer on the beaches from my point of view and where we sit. The lifeguards did a great job, our beach staff and attendance did a great job. It was a really quiet summer. It was a good year.”

Over at Milford Lisman Landing Marina, Jim Donegan said they also had a steady Labor Day weekend.

“It’s been a busy summer and boats coming in all summer long and Labor Day was no exception to that,” Donegan. said. “We’ve noticed this season that the marina has been busy.”

Donegan said throughout this season, staff have noticed the marina has seen an unusually high number of guests.

“Boating allows people to visit Milford in a relatively safe way, and gives them a safe place to stay on their own boat,” he said.

Donegan said they saw a good mix of both local and non-local boaters come through Lisman Landing to enjoy the downtown area.

“Boating, in general, is up right now,” Donegan added. “Milford Harbor is very full, the three other marinas in the harbor, Milford Boat Works, Port Milford and Spencer’s Marina, they are all very full this summer.”

Donegan said at Lisman Landing, they are more of a transient marina so many people are coming and going. But the important part, he said, is that it brings people into the downtown area to support the businesses in the area.