Milford agency receives accreditation for programs to aid at-risk youth

MILFORD — It took more than a year, but the Milford-based non-profit agency Boys & Girls Village has received the accreditation from the Council on Accreditation for its experience and commitment to quality in serving Connecticut’s at-risk children and their families, according to President and CEO Kim Shaunesey.

“An as an organization that is constantly striving for the best-in-class service, this accreditation improves BGV’s organizational learning and knowledge,” Shaunesey said. “It is a vital big step in (Boys & Girls Village’s) continued position as a leader in the field.”

The accreditation will remain in effect through 2025.

Boys & Girls Village serves 50 Connecticut communities in all eight counties throughout the state, and serves nearly 400 clients every day. It’s been one of Connecticut’s leading behavioral, educational, vocational and permanency planning providers for at-risk youth and their families, Shaunesey said.

Chief Medical Officer Steven M. Kant said the organization scored highly on the COA accreditation rating, which he said is based on an in-depth review that is objective and based on national practices.

“COA has adopted an approach that relies heavily on measures of real impact by our services so that their review is driven by real outcomes and measures of how we provide care,” said Kant. “This is critical because so much of health care is driven by trust — the trust our clients and families place in us, the trust the community and funders place in us and the trust that (people) sent to us will receive the best care.”

Shaunesey said the agency is committed to delivering the highest standards of care for clients.

“That requires continuous pursuit of implementing best practice standards,” said Shaunesey. “This re-accreditation reflects that dedication and shows that we are among the best in the nation in serving at-risk youth and their families.”

Boys & Girls Village has been expanding its programs in recent years, recently opening its new Life Skills & Vocational Training Center on Wheelers Farms Road in Milford. The training center has allowed the village to offer training in culinary arts, automotive repair and modern manufacturing.

These programs help prepare students for the workforce who would not be able to go to a typical vocational technical high school since many of those schools don’t have the capacity to work with students who have significant emotional and behavioral needs.

With its re-accreditation, Shaunesey said clients, potential clients and the community at large could have confidence in the quality of services offered at Boys & Girls Village.

“This accreditation by a respected, independent third party recognizes that BGV meets the highest standard for quality service delivery and administrative practices,” said Shaunesey. “Additionally, as a non-profit organization, BGV needs to secure funding, and this verification inspires confidence in supporters.”

Kant agreed.

“The results provide support to show the great efforts and care our staff delivers day after day, and it’s something we can offer to families who often are looking for some measure of hope that things will get better,” he said.