Milford Republicans propose resolution against tolls

Milford Republicans are backing a local resolution in opposition to tolls, and they plan to discuss the idea at Monday night’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting, which takes place at 7:30 p.m. April 1 at Milford City Hall.
Ray Kirmaier, chairman of the Milford Republican Town Committee, issued a statement this weekend regarding current proposals to install electronic tolls on Connecticut highways. “Every day, Connecticut towns and cities are taking action against proposals to install tolls throughout the state,” Kirmaier said. “As the City of Milford has more exit and entrance ramps on Interstate 95 than any other municipality in the state of Connecticut, two exits on the Merritt Parkway and the Milford Parkway that connects I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, we believe the issue of tolls deserves debate at the local level.”
He said Milford’s Republican Town Committee believes tolls in any form will make driving on highways cost prohibitive for residents and will divert highway traffic onto local roads.
At Monday’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting, Minority Leader Anthony Giannattasio will suggest a resolution opposing tolls to the full board and the city attorney, asking for its formal consideration by the board at its May 6 meeting.
The resolution is not on the agenda for Monday night's meeting, but Kirmaier said Giannattasio will bring it up for discussion.
“A final vote on tolls by state lawmakers is expected before the end of the state legislative session in June,” Kirmaier said. “It is estimated that roughly 50 electronic tolls will be placed along Connecticut highways, which would make Connecticut the most tolled state in the nation.”
The Republicans say too many questions remain concerning tolls, from the legality of in-state resident discounts, how to collect tolls from out of state residents, the total number of tolls and their locations, the collection and protection of private commuter data and the creation of a new toll authority in Hartford.
“We urge the Milford Board of Aldermen to consider and act upon Alderman Giannattasio’s resolution before the Connecticut General Assembly votes on statewide tolling,” Kirmaier said. He also said he encourages all Milford residents to become informed on the current toll proposals in Connecticut and to contact their local and state representatives for more information.
“June is fast approaching, and we can’t afford a delay on action,” Kirmaier said.