Milford Property Transfers: Oct. 7

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

51 Kerema Ave, Jorge Rosado to Diana Perez-Alvarado, $259,000.

19 Lenox Ave, FNMA to Jurandir L. Alves, $192,101.

59 Lexington Way N, Dave G. and Trudy A. Anderson to Nagasree C. Kamisetty, $421,500.

11 Manor Dr, Gary W. and Doris Koch to Colin J. and Angela Mccormick, $477,500.

180 Melba St Unit 210, Erica S. Chou to Hugh Stleger, $190,000.

65 Ocean Ave, Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Aileen Oconnell, $301,000.

53 Overton Ave, Skinner RM Enterprises to George and Jon Hwang, $339,900.

146 Oxford Rd, John and Jonathan Bria to Michael and Erin Crolla, $217,500.

8 Paris St, Johanna Giovanniello to Kaitlyn Lafferty, $275,000.

10 Paris St, Johanna Giovanniello to Kaitlyn Lafferty, $275,000.

303 Plains Rd, Robert A. and Lauren L. Escobar to Michael Mongillo, $289,000.

624 Popes Island Rd Unit 624, Stephanie L. Gebing to A Jean Cianciolo, $320,000.

10 Ridge St, Philip T. Piper and Kathleen M. Ferguson to Peter J. Dillon and Roger L. Pisacreta, $393,000.

64 Rosebrook Rd, Aymii Couzelis to Robert and Deborah Manfield, $351,000.

12 S Kerema Ave, Andrew W. Reimann and A Kristin Huffman to Christopher W. and Alison A. Bernard, $172,000.

24 S Kerema Ave, Frank M. and Fallon Ballaro to Jonathan Chuck, $225,000.