Milford Property Transfers: Oct. 1

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

21 Beacher Rd, Regina A. Mcpartland to 296 LLC, $350,000.

21 Beacher Rd, Regina A. Mcpartland to 296 LLC, $350,000.

926 Bridgeport Ave, John J. Cusmano to High Caliber Rentals LLC, $320,000.

928 Bridgeport Ave, John J. Cusmano to High Caliber Rentals LLC, $320,000.

20 Brookdale Ave, Donna L. Maltzan to Joseph and Luise Puzzo, $255,000.

35 Crestwood Rd, Kevin and Clare Kanoff to Brett Cary and Magdalena J. Siembab, $321,000.

28 Dorsey Ln, John J. Cusmano to High Caliber Rentals LLC, $320,000.

21 Driftwood Ln, Virginia H. Pilla and Janice K. Civitello to Janice K. and Frank A. Civitello, $482,500.

874 E Broadway, Szczesniuk Bohdan Est and George Szczesniuk to Standish Construction LLC, $103,750.

11 Fenway St N, Westview 16 LLC to William H. and Colleen A. Schule, $355,000.

307 Foxwood Ln Unit 307, Sharon M. Russo to Nancy Bepko, $130,000.

1 Greenview Ln Unit 1, Maurice J. and Margit Lavigne to Margaret E. Ziegler, $206,450.

391 Herbert St, Diane and Howard Stein to Michelle T. Laslett and Jon F. Beetham, $596,000.

18 Hilltop Cir E, Philip F. and Suzanne M. Mendola to Sheryl L. Smith, $339,000.

29 Lawrence Ave, Felicia A. Mancuso to Lynn M. Macmaster, $299,900.

36 Melba St, Peter Gaudioso to Roxana M. Simko, $159,900.

180 Melba St Unit 310, Seth T. Feltman to Gaetana G. Massaro, $192,000.

185 Melba St Unit 109, Thomas Swirsky-Sacchetti to Eileen A. Curtiss, $165,000.

17 Mickel Ln Unit 17, Joseph Tuozzoli to Steven and Karen Greenberg, $258,000.

27 Northwood Pl, Dorothy E. Drevermann to Anne E. and Mats E. Klemets, $200,000.

Rock Ln, Elaine M Fogler Marital T and R E. Torrenti to Stevens Holdco LLC, $3,000,000.

86 Shell Ave, Dipietro Management LLC to Foster N Zandri RET and Norene Z. Foster, $100,000.

12 Sperry St, Adam J. Querker to Erica L. Kohalmi, $210,000.

170 Stagecoach Cir, Thomas P. and Lynn A. Walsh to Philip F. and Suzanne Mendola, $437,000.

77 Tower St, William H. and Colleen Schule to Jeffrey T. and Barbara D. Kiernan, $281,000.

27 Trumbull Ave, Kiesel Stephen E Est and Eloise M. Gormley to Joseph and Kimberly Nelly, $835,000.

110 Underhill Rd, Peter J. and Christine N. Koval to Jerry and Colleen K. Mabasa, $284,900.

15 Washington St, Metro 15 LLC to 15 Washington Street LLC, $1,710,000.

518 Welchs Point Rd, FNMA to M Pucci Luxury Homes LLC, $180,000.