Milford Property Transfers: August 7

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,
51 James St, Peter S. and Maria C. Pertoso to Jeffrey and Patrick Blake, $110,000.
12 Market Pl, Pralay Mukhopadhyay and Shilpi Basak to David M. and Rachel E. Durkota, $410,000.
51 Merwin Ave Unit 51, Joao Paulo DeAzevedo QPRT and Lidia T. Deazevedo to Donald Dib, $540,000.
11 Morehouse Ave, Alan M. Busek to Catalina Properties LLC, $200,000.
24 Mustard Seed Ln, Nancy E. Macklin to Bragadeesh K. Somalinga, $450,000.
1120 New Haven Ave Unit 151, Shelby R. Schwarze to Karen Sherwood, $95,000.
25 Saint Andrews Ln, HSAK Properties LLC to Douglas and Christina Degennaro, $575,000.
136 Welchs Point Rd, Mark S. and Laura A. Fucci to Eliza Fasanella-Damore, $344,500.
10 4th Avenue Ext, Arthur J. and Shawn M. Landry to Stephen M. and Pamela F. Moore, $419,000.
34 Bassett St Unit 34, April L. Carlin to Lauren Carlucci, $210,000.
51 Beechwood Ave, Kathleen D. Cilbrith to Steven Dossantos, $195,000.
47 Cardinal Dr, Maura Huber to Lynn A. Seese, $215,000.
8 Carriage Path N Unit 8, FNMA to Eva Mackin, $101,000.
81 E Broadway Unit C, Helen B. Pariza to Blanche Labarbera and Gerard Fay, $134,000.
218 Foxwood Ln Unit 218, Liane Malyska to James T. and Samuel M. Sciarappa, $214,900.
400 Gulf St, Eleanor T. Colombo to Robert Wardman, $395,000.
23 Midwood Rd, William and Josephine Mason to Wunda Pangu, $247,000.
45 Milesfield Ave, Gary L. Seymour to Kurt W. Maurer, $220,000.
675 Milford Point Rd, FHLM to Hakan Aydin, $195,000.
1135 New Haven Ave, USA HUD to Nicholas W. Jacabacci, $135,000.
68 Ocean Ave, Kathryn Balsamo to Pamela and James Cavallo, $200,000.
19 Oriole Ln, Ann Robinson and Delanore Troupe to Daniel J. Ladore, $240,600.
249 Oronoque Rd, Paul and Vincent Perrelli to Ronald Murray and Nicole S. Portera, $287,000.
113 Overhill Rd, Justin P. and Theresa Walker to Justin Pirrello and Shannon Mccarthy, $282,500.
17-19 Overton Ave, Monica Kotcher to Richard Mangione, $160,000.
34 Shipyard Ln Unit C, Monique Garver to Brian R. Kowal, $477,500.
124 Stagecoach Cir, James T. Navroth and Lisa A. Navaroth to Michael C. Truncone and Jessica Preston, $460,000.
45 Warren St, FNMA to Robert P. Williams, $205,000.
663 West Ave, HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to Amy E. Montalbano, $152,000.
29 Argyle Rd, Geraldine A. Makower to Jacqueline M. Toce, $235,000.
266 Baxter Ln, Jessica S. Preston and Michael C. Trucone to Tracy L. Levey, $355,000.
119 Captains Walk, Eric Kutcher to Brock T. and Melissa C. Dubin, $1,150,000.
10 Carriage Path N Unit 10, FNMA to George Mitas, $105,000.
169 Clark St Unit C, Jane E. Milne and Jacquline Goodwin to Thomas Mercaldo and Haruthay Rasmidatta, $137,500.
20 Coolridge Rd, Matthew P. Hurzeler to James G. Larsen and Audrey L. Baehr, $205,000.
26 Eddy St, Eva M. Mackin to Michal Dziegielewski, $247,000.
58 Edgewater Pl, James and Laura Mccarthy to Eastern Metal Works Inc, $35,000.
64 Hillside Ave, Lauri Ross to Paul A. and Wendy H. Drost, $837,900.
138 Home Acres Ave, Christopher M. Chila to Gennifer M. Sindoni-Baker, $210,300.
103 Naugatuck Ave, Warcholic Ruth Est and Alton J. Warcholic to Sandra Cooper, $130,000.
279 New Haven Ave Unit C, Daniel and Rachel Mcnamara to Richard T. Askintowicz, $185,000.
25 Norwood Ave, Denise P. and Eleanor O. Garvey to Lauri A. Ross, $387,000.
12 Union St, Brock T. and Melissa C. Dubin to Christine A. Hoffman, $535,000.
48 Village Rd, Marina Coulomble to Carmen V. Izzo, $155,000.