Milford Property Transfers: Aug. 10

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,
50 Audubon Close Unit 50, Louise Schoyen to Cathy L. Davis, $324,000.
60 Avon St, Justin Edo to Brooks Converse and Alicia Wasynczuk, $230,000.
884 Boston Post Rd, Veronica B. and Yury Furda to Ross Real Estate LLC, $325,000.
634 Buckingham Ave, Robert E. Koval to Patrick T. Quinn, $236,000.
655 Buckingham Ave, Daryl A. and Susan L. Murray to Nicholas D. Gallicano and Jacqueline M. Martinelli, $227,000.
25 Dixon St, Hunt Maire C Est and Marie C. Hunt to Robert G. Stitt and Lauren Benedetto, $229,000.
19 Fairwood Ave, Thomas V. Colby to Maureen C. Sawyer, $258,400.
135 Foxwood Close Unit 135, Deborah R. and Joan Miller to Sharon Kay, $158,950.
79 Hill St Unit C, John Dimarco to Darrin Clive-Heltke, $156,000.
80 Holly St, John D. Bowdren to Lisa Nori, $225,000.
73 Kirkside Ave, Pamela D. Harding to Dana M. Montanez, $335,000.
40 Lilac Ln, Ronald and Elaine Finch to Mitchell N. Warwick, $230,000.
69 Merwin Ave Unit 69, Nash Street LLC to JTW Holdings LLC, $161,600.
190 Merwin Ave, Christopher Geddes to Cheryl Burns, $329,900.
330 Merwin Ave, Donna Hollembaek to Sarah E. Johnson, $245,000.
125 Midwood Rd, Jakub and Lisa Latusek to Steve and Kelopatra Finitsis, $280,000.
253 Oak Ridge Ln, Ryan Cei to Eric and Claudia Anderson, $400,000.
33 Oldroyd St, George Antoinette Est and Josephine Lupica to Maria Xavier-Dowski, $230,000.
70 Raton Rd Unit G, Victor Fiore to Mathew Glass, $130,000.
70 Raton Rd Unit J, Victor Fiore to Walid Cherfane, $65,000.
204 Red Root Ln, Peter Hunt-Seaholm and Barbara C. Seaholm to Justin Edo, $325,000.
151 Southworth St, Steven A. Lach to Linda M. Padilla, $325,000.
32 Sparrowbush Ln, Nancy I. Ceballos to Brendon Ciszkowski and Jessica Cizkowski, $170,000.
478 Welchs Point Rd, Mark D. and Fay S. Pelloth to Christopher J. and Meghan L. Geddes, $381,000.
28 Whitney Ave, Paul D. and Deborah M. Smith to Michelle M. Pellerin, $238,000.