Milford Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

20 Acorn Ln, Edwin J. Meyer and Kathryn L. Scheinberg to Elaine Gould, $432,000.

61 Audubon Close Unit 61, Marilyn S. Pascarella to Abdelhafid Zeryouh and Khadija Arkoubi, $300,000.

31 Birch Pl, Matthew and Margaret Bull to Amy L. Stevens, $237,500.

59 Bird Ln, Marialena Unger and Grace Farnham to Kyle J. Edo, $17,000.

3 Boothbay St, 296 LLC to Kathy Bull and Mark Butt, $365,000.

4-6 Daniel St, Given To Gauche LLC to Blake Stacy Realty LLC, $130,000.

57 Devonshire Rd, Gary Almeraris to Ernest J. Marsan and Deborah C. Spinola, $240,000.

51 E Broadway Unit C, Andrew H Duhaime RET and Martha A. Tynan to Gary Helm, $153,000.

885 E Broadway, Eileen Mary Bove T and Eileen M. Bove to Robert and Cheryl A. Bishop, $1,300,000.

60 Hickory Ave, Mary Mccarthy and Onewest Bank FSB to Onewest Bank FSB, $183,779.

12 Howe Pl, James P. Halloran and Jeannine M. Lattanzi to Jennifer L. Cronsell, $315,000.

20 Lucille Dr, Gary V. and Jeanette Augustine to Dave Steele, $187,500.

21 Ludlow Dr, Susan D. Kelleher to Michael J. and Gina L. Genovese, $253,000.

210 Mariners Walk Unit 210, Kathleen M. Paton to Philip M. Salito, $129,000.

100 Melba St, Jason and Lauren Scheets to Scott C. Niele, $374,900.

1592 New Haven Ave, Mary T. Neschke to Steven C. and Deborah Hayden, $355,000.

88 Noble Ave Unit D, Ganh Realty LLC to TKM LLC, $115,000.

2 Paschal Dr, Frank P. Virgulto to Marilyn and Donald Currie, $362,000.

13 Platt St, Felix C. and Lyndalee Dellarocco to Brad A. and Elizabeth G. Cohen, $900,000.

21 Plymouth Ct, Dongming Cai and Minghao Zhong to James G. Carpio and Mary E. Lindholm, $255,000.

525 Popes Island Rd Unit 525, Susan F. Laplante to Emilie M. Mones, $288,000.

28 Salem Walk Unit 28, Dawn Michaud to Stacy E. Torgerson, $207,000.

55 Solomon Hill Rd, Loay Aljammal to Christopher Gladue and Heather Donaldson-Gladue, $260,000.

11 Southwick Ct N Unit 11, Casey Joan M Est and Edward J. Casey to Marilyn S. Pascarella and Louise M. Dillon, $315,000.

4 Swift St, Nancy J. Fugal to John P. and Alyssa A. Davi, $450,000.

25 Vernal Pass, Rex Browing and Denise G. Browning to Jeffrey and Megan Queiroga, $395,000.

85 Viscount Dr Unit 56b, Joan M. Field to OSDA Realty LLC, $220,000.

16 Winthrop Ct, Sharon Fertitta T and Sharon Fertitta to Jessica L. Ward, $370,000.

73 Audubon Close Unit 73, Martine L. Nolletti to Kathleen A. and David J. Phillips, $316,500.

50 Hale Ave, Darce C. Vedrich to William J. and Gail J. Phelan, $335,000.

51 Hawley Ave, Edward and Carol Kravitz to Robert and Natalie Unger, $475,000.

25 Higgins Dr, Seneca Place LLC to Mojtaba Hashemi and Guilia Santorio, $512,500.

20 Lajoie Ln, 296LLC to Marco D. and Lauren A. Palumbo, $399,900.

185 Melba St Unit 200, Joseph Caissey to Joseph P. Innamorato, $165,000.

523 Orange Ave, Michael V. and Maria M. Paoletta to Erin M. Finnegan, $260,000.

571 Orange Ave, Ruth E. Crofoot and Lee A. Whitaker to Michael Donegan, $180,000.

208 Point Beach Dr Unit 1, US Bank NA Tr to Cailen J. Casey, $86,000.

100 Seaside Ave, Mark Kosh to Justin K. Falco, $228,500.

40 Spindrift Ln, Beverly S. Colley and Cyril O. Paponette to Daniel C. Downs, $285,000.

521 Swanson Cres Unit 521, Robert B. King and Sally K. Cooney to Darren and Erin Omalley, $167,500.

40 Wells Dr, Brantley Robert A Est and Claudia B. Paluch to Samia H. Garrett, $290,000.