Milford's Porchfest to feature 102 bands, 72 locations

MILFORD — The Milford community will have 72 porches to choose from to hear live music on Oct. 1.

The third annual Milford Porchfest is part of the annual music event held across the country, where bands gather on front porches in a community. The event started in Ithaca, N.Y., in 2007 to bring local musicians and neighbors together and celebrate. A volunteer committee is organizing Milford's Porchfest with cooperation from the Milford Arts Council.

"We have 102 bands at 72 locations," said Jeff Einig, event spokesperson. "Some bands play at two locations, but many have multiple bands all day long."

Einig said one location has a band from noon to 2 p.m., 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"Those are three different bands," he added.

When the signup first started, Einig said there were 45 porches registered. After the Sept. 1 deadline, that number is now 72.

During this year's event, Einig said they are asking those going to Porchfest locations to bring nonperishable food to donate toward the Purple Pantry Boxes.

"There will be boxes in different locations, and volunteers will pick it up afterward," he said. "We are trying to give back to the community for those who need food in this tough time."

This year's event zones will include Woodmont, Downtown; Fort Trumbull and Silver Sands; Walnut Beach and Point 2 Point, previously known as Point Beach and Bayview.

"We did add one more zone to the list. It's called Forest Heights, and it is north of the Post Road in the area of Pascal Drive," said Einig. "That was our expansion zone this year, so we are up to six.

"The zone that was called Point Beach and Bayview we renamed because we added on an adjoining beach community called Point Lookout," he added. "Because there are two "points" in the name, we renamed it Point 2 Point."

Einig and the Porchfest team are hoping people will pick one zone and stay within the zone to minimize drinking and driving.

"We have six different zones, and we want people to go to a zone, walk or bike around there and not to drive their car," he said. "We want people to be responsible music fans."

A map and schedule for Milford Porchfest will be released Sept. 28 on the event's website and Facebook page. Event merchandise is also available online in advance of the event.