What happens to items turned in to Milford PD lost and found?

MILFORD — There's something about the Milford Police Dept. lost and found that has a nice ring to it. Or rather, several nice rings.

Of all the items turned in as found property, police said various types of rings tend to generate the most interest.

"People have turned in found engagement rings," said Marilisa Anania, MPD public information officer. "They are all different."

In the case of an engagement ring, the hope is to reunite the jewelry with its owner as quickly as possible, before a couple gets an unpleasant surprise instead of the planned magical moment. But police try to find the owners of all turned-in items, Anania said.

"We investigate to see if we can find the owner. In the case of found rings, we recognize that there could be a sentimental value," said Anania.

If they can't find the owner on their own, they seek public help by posting it on their social media pages.

"We know that information can be spread further and more rapidly on social media than we could do ourselves," she said. "We have had a lot of luck getting jewelry back to their owners using social media to aid our investigation."

Anania stated there is no real pattern or time of the year when police receive more found items.

"There is also no specific place or area where people usually find items," she said. "People just turn items in."

When someone turns an item in to police, the department will hold it for six months to see if anyone claims it.

"After six months, if there is a finder, we send a letter to the finder to see if they want it," said Anania. "If they don't want it, then it ... either gets destroyed or, if fit for auction, it gets auctioned."

It has been a few years since there has been an auction because of COVID-19, she said.

"But we have an auction at the police department where the public can bid on items," she said. "Auctions happen when we accumulate a lot of evidence that can be auctioned. It is advertised in advance, so when we do have our next one, the public will be notified."