Milford P&Z approves Surf Ave. beach house

Milford City Hall

Milford City Hall

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MILFORD — Unanimous approval of a replacement beach house at 46 Surf Ave. was the only application before the Planning and Zoning Board at its Nov. 4 meeting.

Attorney Thomas Lynch said his client Warren “Buddy” Field had purchased the property several weeks ago and plans to demolish the existing single-family house. Lynch did not state the purchase price. The existing 1,492 sq. ft. house on the 0.1 acre lot was constructed in 1925.

The new house to be built by Warren and his cousin Christopher Field will be 2,500 sq. ft. with a three-car garage. Since the house is located in the AE flood zone with a base flood elevation of 11 feet, it will be elevated on piers to 15 feet. The project required coastal site plan approval due to its location. In addition, it required a special permit because the rear deck will be within 25 feet of the mean high tide line.

The property will have a rain garden to retain the first inch of stormwater before draining into the tidal wetlands at the rear of the property. In an Oct. 13 letter addressed to Buddy Field, Inland Wetlands Compliance Officer MaryRose Palumbo wrote that since no work was proposed within 100 feet of an inland wetland in the South Central Shoreline Watershed, the project did not require a review from the Milford Inland Wetlands Agency.

The special permit triggered the requirement for the board to conduct a public hearing on the application. The one member of the public in attendance at the meeting did not ask to comment.

Lynch said that the Fields had also purchased 34 Surf Ave. in 2019, and then subdivided the property, recently constructing two houses — one with an address of 30 Surf Ave., and the other at 34 Surf Ave. The assessor’s database indicates they paid $100,000 on March 4, 2019.

Amendment to Circulate

The board voted unanimously to circulate for review to other government agencies a proposed amendment to Section 7.2.10 of the zoning regulations titled, “Amendments.” The proposal from the board’s Regulations Subcommittee modifies the wording in this section to make it easier for someone to process special permit amendments deemed to be of a minor nature.

The existing wording states, “…amendments which are found to be of a minor nature or which do not materially alter either the Special Permit or Site Plan, as determined by the Board, may be authorized after Board review only…”

The proposed change deletes the words “or which do not materially alter either the Special Permit or Site Plan” and “may be authorized after Board review only.” In its place would be the wording, “as determined by the zoning official, may be approved administratively in consultation with the chairperson…”.

New member

The board welcomed Marc Zahariades (D-5) to his first meeting. Zahariades is filling the seat left vacant by the resignation of Brett Broesder. Broesder was elected in Nov. 2019 and served from January to August 2020, resigning in August when he moved from the fifth to the third district.

Although Broesder’s term was supposed to run until December 2023, under the provisions of the city charter, Zahariades will serve until the next city election, which will take place in November 2021. He was appointed by Mayor Benjamin Blake with the approval of the Board of Aldermen.

“This was a pretty soft start for you, a pretty quick meeting, but they are all important,” said Board Chairman Jim Quish in welcoming Zahariades to the board. The meeting, which had only the one application and the regulation proposal, lasted only 17 minutes.