Milford Library, local eateries team up for reading-themed treats

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox

MILFORD — Sitting on top of a cake stand under a glass dome at Good Morning Cupcake in Milford is a miniature pink cupcake. The cupcake, which has been named “Pinkalicious,” contains a chocolate cup with raspberry frosting, has a swirl pattern with white sprinkles, and a cherry on top.

The cupcake was created to be a replica of the cupcake featured in the 2006 bestselling children’s book “Pinkalicious” by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.

Good Morning Cupcake is one of four eateries in Milford that has paired an item on its menu with a well known book to celebrate Milford Public Library’s “Friends of the Library Month” for the month of October.

The other three eateries, along with their paired dish, are Bobette’s Takeout Bistro’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Archie Moore’s Bar & Restaurant’s “Sleepy Hollow Sangria,” and Scratch Baking’s “Catcher in the Rye Reuben.”

This event is a first this year, according to Ashley Volkens, vice president of public relations for the library. The library would normally have its in-person annual fundraiser this month, but because of the pandemic, it was canceled. The restaurant partnership is intended to get people talking about books, and also to help drive business to local eateries still working under pandemic conditions.

When developing the idea for the book and food pairing, “we talked to the different business owners who have helped us with the fundraiser in the past,” Volkens said. “We’ve had a lot of great community support.”

The business owners came up with the ideas for each of the pairings.

“They know they are supporting the Friends of the Library by keeping the relationships going strong in the community,” Volkens said. “We just wanted to take the spotlight and put it on them for a minute, and encourage everyone to purchase their treats.”

Good Morning Cupcake, at 252 Melba Street, which opened May 30, specializes in miniature cupcakes. The store also sells miniature cookies and other confections, and specialty cakes and special orders such as for birthdays weddings and communions.

The story of Pinkalicious is about a little girl named Pinkalicious Pinkerton whose favorite color is pink. In the story, she turns pink after eating too many pink cupcakes.

The inch-and-a half featured cupcake is being launched as a week special, from Thursday to Saturday, owner Adrianna Robles said.

“If it sells really well, we can add it to our November specials.”

Scratch Baking, at 84 Broad Street, changes its menu seasonally, and the Catcher in the Rye Reuben sandwich is on its new, fall menu. The Reuben is made with dark, dense rye bread that’s prepared as a loaf. Inside the sandwich is roasted turkey, manchego cheese, carmelized onions, and a Reuben spread.

The dish will be available until just before spring next year, according to staff at Scratch Baking.

Archie Moore’s Bar & Restaurant, on 48 Sanford St., is a bar and restaurant with four locations. According to manager Margaret Downey, the Sleepy Hollow cocktail, named after “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, is a sangria made with fresh apple cider as a base.

“It symbolizes the fall and Halloween coming,” she said.

According to Kathy Richardson, an employee at Bobette’s Take Out Bistro, on 93 Boston Post Road, the chicken soup (named from “Chicken Soup for the Soul” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen), is served every day, year-round. It contains a chicken orzo pasta base, and tiny carrots and peas.

“We make our own broth,” said Richardson, adding, “Our vegetables are chopped here. There is nothing from a can and nothing frozen.”