Milford Green listed on Register of Historic Places

The Connecticut Preservation Council has listed the Milford Green, located between Broad Street and South Broad Street, on the State Register of Historic Places as of July 11, 2018.

The State Register of Historic Places is an honorary designation established by General Statute, and helps guide local officials, state agencies, and the general public in identifying historic properties that merit preservation.

Milford’s Green is the second longest in New England, and throughout the town's history, the Green has seen many uses, including uses as a cow pasture during colonial times and a militia training ground during the American Revolution. Currently, the manicured area hosts cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities throughout the year.   

“The Milford Green is the centrally located historic core of the City of Milford.  It has been a public space, with Broad Street serving as Milford’s central roadway, since at least 1646,” said Michele Kramer, Chair of the Milford Preservation Trust.  

Kramer and Letitia Malone, Milford's Open Space Committee Chair, as well as other community stakeholders, worked to bring the designation to fruition.  Malone said, “This brings us one step closer to preserving historic assets in perpetuity.”

“Milford is proud to be a place steeped in history and charm while also a community that is thriving with all the amenities expected of a world class 21st Century city,” said Mayor Ben Blake.