Milford Board of Education District 1 candidate: Betsy Ratner

Betsy Ratner

Betsy Ratner

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Party: Democrat

Incumbent: Two years

Volunteer: CONNECT; GNH Soup Kitchen; GNHProbus; Marrakech; Camp Horizons; Children's Center, Hamden; Columbus House.

It is essential for all people to be able to live and grow while utilizing their individual innate gifts. I believe that the Milford Public Schools have tapped into the tools that best reach both adult and child learners to be the best they can be. It is accomplished through intentionally focused experiences that include the element of high-quality instruction (HQI). Students engage in an expansion of individual and group awareness and understanding through multi-tiered questioning (i.e. Socratic dialogue). All the while, implementing ongoing reflection, evaluation, and revision, a necessary element in the process.

I am thrilled that knowing where a child is emotionally when they walk into school each morning is addressed right away through a relaxed activity meeting to feel they belong and have value. so they can learn and feel good about themselves. in the same manner, the teacher gives attention to social activities with meaningful actions for children to embrace each other developing friendships.

The curriculum, therefore, is packed with whole child-centered learning in Milford, which brings me great joy! All of this is accomplished with a very sound budget each year and I am proud to say, in an extremely fiscally responsible. manner

Ratner is an award-winning educator with more than 35 years of experience teaching from Pre-Kindergarten through college.