Milford Adult Ed seeking teachers, students

City schools are looking for residents with special talents to teach an adult education course and earn money in the process.

“We were impressed with the number of proposals we received for new, fresh courses last summer,” Rick Raucci, Milford Adult Education Program director, said. “Now, we want to keep it going so we can continue to give residents a robust choice and make sure our program is relevant to the community’s interests.”

School officials said since Raucci took over as program director, he has made it more streamlined and customer-friendly.

This fall, several new courses were added to entice more citizens in the area. Some of the courses added were Make Your Own Cornhole Board, Intermediate Sewing and Tailoring, and Brunch Bunch — and interest was high as all immediately sold out, officials said.

Raucci is asking residents to consider teaching a course of personal interest through the Milford Education Program to continue offering a robust choice of programs and to make sure the program continues.

“We know Milford is a vibrant community, and residents have a wide range of interests and areas of expertise,” he said. “We would love to hear from people who would like to join us, share their skills in the form of a class, and build enthusiasm for their talent, and of course, get paid for it.”

Proposals for new courses are welcome via the district’s online Got A Special Talent? collection form. The link can also be found at (select Schools then Adult Education). Questions may also be addressed to