Mileage tax talk, 'Big brother' on the road, new laws, more

This week, state Sen. Majority Leader Bob Duff joins us by phone to discuss the controversy around a mileage tax study.  Later, Jim Cameron thinks 'Big Brother' is watching you on the roads.

Josh and Kate discuss new laws that went into affect July 1, Connecticut Democrats calling a New Fairfield official's tweet racist, a Trumbull native honored in D.C. and more.  Finally cartoonist Doug Smith gives his take on this week's news.

Watch this week's show below:

Connecticut joined New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Delaware to apply for $2.1 million in federal money to study so-called “mileage-based user fees,” which would tax drivers based on the number of highway miles they drive. Sen. Duff says state Democrats have been against implementing such a program and there are no plans to move forward with it now, other than the study. 

Sen. Duff calls the Republican backlash on the milage tax study "fear mongering." However, new transportation revenue is needed because gasoline taxes have remained relatively flat while cars become more fuel efficient and electric vehicles are introduced.

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