Middletown man died in dump truck crash on I-95

A Middletown man died last week when the raised bed of the dump truck he was driving crashed into an overpass sign on I-95 near Exit 40.

A Greenwich woman, who was driving near the dump truck, suffered minor injuries.

The accident occurred Thursday, Nov. 1, at 7:52 a.m. According to State Police, Susan Jackson, 68, of Greenwich was driving in the center lane of I-95 a short distance north of the Exit 40 ramp, just behind Anthony Drozd, 63, who was driving a dump truck. Police said that at some point, “likely unbeknownst to [Drozd] … the dump body became raised, or was unintentionally left in the raised position, and remained in the up position, or partial up position, as [the dump truck] traveled north in the right lane.”

Jackson saw the dump truck’s bed in the air as she approached the Quarry Road overpass and she started to change lanes to her left to get further away from the dump truck.

As Jackson was starting to change lanes, the dump bed, which was clearly raised, police said, collided with the overhead Department of Transportation sign for the Exit 41 Marsh Hill Road exit.

“The impact caused [the dump truck] to roll  over onto its driver’s side, at which point [the driver] was ejected from the cab of his truck and onto the roadway,” a police report states.

After the dump truck hit the sign, the dump bed broke off the truck and twisted around, and at some point Jackson’s car collided with it, police said in a report. Her car came to an uncontrolled final rest between the left lane and median. The dump truck came to an uncontrolled rest across all three lanes, blocking I-95.

Drozd was found on the roadway with serious injuries.

Milford Fire Battalion Chief Anthony Fabrizi said a passing physician and an EMT who came upon the accident rendered initial medical care before emergency crews arrived. Fire Department paramedics then provided advanced life support as Drozd was transported to Yale Trauma Center.
“The driver ultimately succumbed to his injuries at the hospital,” Fabrizi said.

Jackson suffered minor injuries.

The highway was closed for many hours. The Quarry Road overpass was also shut down pending a safety inspection by the state Department of Transportation. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection also responded to the scene due to hazardous fluids that leaked onto the highway.

Milford roads remained congested into the late afternoon as motorists got off the highway to find alternate routes.