Meghan McGaffin is Milford's employee of the month

Meghan McGaffin, the Mayor’s Employee of the Month for October, took the lead in updating antiquated city maps and making it easier for departments to access geographic information in the city.

McGaffin has been a Geographic Informational System (GIS) analyst for the city since 2006.

“After a review of all of the nominations, the selection committee unanimously selected her as the winner for improving and updating an antiquated mapping system by creating easy-to-read maps from hard-to-read FEMA information,” city officials said in a press release.

“Additionally, Meghan took the initiative to create a user-friendly graphical software application for logging information pertaining to customer interactions into the Community Rating System (CSR) log.”

City officials said the software application allows for the generation of reports on an on-demand basis.

“What’s more, Meghan took on the monumental task of creating a map of Milford’s entire sewer system, which allows the user to search, locate and view any area of the sewer system throughout the city,” the press release continues.

The system also provides the location of each manhole and where each resident’s sewer line ties into the mainline.

“Meghan's savvy proficiency with technology has brought city information to a user-friendly interface,” states a city proclamation.

Mayor Ben Blake started the Employee of the Month program several months ago to highlight and acknowledge the work of city employees.